Sponge and Cream was created by founder Paulina Byrne former Senior Head Baker at The Hummingbird in Soho, her passion and love for creating spectacular and stunning cakes saw her open her first Sponge and Cream cake shop in 2011

About Sponge and Cream

Sponge and Cream specializes in baking and designing luxury layered cakes, cupcakes and luxury wedding cakes, offering a bespoke catering service and cake shop in on-trend Brixton Village London.

Please note we do not have an off-the-shelf cake design menu. If you want a celebration/novelty cake you will have to email us a picture of the design you would like us to replicate. Standard cakes with messages can be designed on our website using the cake builder.

• At Sponge and Cream, we have developed our own signature style and recipes, which are unique to Sponge and Cream, we are constantly developing new recipes and flavors. With our wide range of different styles of cakes, we hope there is something for everyone’s taste.

• At Sponge and Cream, we cater to dietary requirements such as gluten free, wheat free, egg free, dairy free and nut free in our cakes (when required).

• Looking for the perfect finishing touch for your party or gathering? For a fun and fabulous cake and an easy solution, look no further than Sponge and Cream.

About Paulina Byrne

My earliest memories of baking takes me back to when I was 7 years old baking cakes for my family. I clearly remember baking banana bread loaves. Lots of them!

I then graduated to baking for neighbours with my worse mistake being pouring a whole bottle of vanilla extract into one cake mix. I was pleased when the neighbour said they loved it.

Life took its toll and after years of studying and heading down the academic path I one day realized I was not satisfied living the 9-5 lifestyle in the IT industry. I made a drastic decision to change my career and after years of planning, learning, testing thousands of recipes I built Sponge and Cream.