A little history story...

A little history story for our dear customers and new visitors.

Sponge and Cream was born in 2011 by myself, Paulina Byrne, who worked in Hummingbird bakery for 4 years after working in the corporate world of IT and got bored of the 9-5 lifestyle. It was not hard for me to decide what I really wanted to do. I have been baking since I was 7 years old. I love baking and cooking which some chefs find strange. I have a passion for both. The idea behind Sponge and Cream was to create cakes that not only tasted amazing but looked amazing. I use the most moist, soft sponges to make some of the intricate designed cakes you see on our website and Instagram page. I believe a cake is more about eating than looking at. But I do appreciate it when customers come back and say how amazing the cake looked.

Business took off and Sponge and Cream was shop based in the lovely Brixton Village market for almost 8 years. When COVID struck I took the decision to close shop permanently until COVID was sorted. We thought it would be just a few months. Here we are. Almost a year later lol. Still waiting! I was very lucky to have been offered a location to continue running the business. So we rebranded the website, launched an all delivery service and took the business on a different path. We now deliver fresh to order made cakes all over London and Luton. With that side running smoothly we will shortly be starting baking tutorials. We will be releasing weekly short videos and posts to help others learn the skill. Not just baking skills but cake making business skills. They are 2 quite different things. You may be baking for friends and family and want to start your own business but don’t know how or what to start with. Advice will be at hand soon.

You are welcome to follow us and ask any questions you have or give suggestions on what you want to see us make or teach you.