Gluten free chocolate

Gluten free chocolate


3 layers of chocolate sponges filled with lashings of creamy chocolate buttercream. Decorated with chocolate stars.

Shape of cake
  • Ingredients

    Contains: dairy, eggs

  • Ingredients

    List of ingredients:
    Gluten/wheat free flour, caster sugar, unsalted butter*, free range eggs*, bicarbonate of soda, salt, 100% plain cocoa powder, milk*, vanilla extract.

    Icing sugar, unsalted butter*, milk*, vanilla extract, 100% plain cocoa powder.

  • Storage information

    All our cakes are made fresh to order from scratch.

    Weather permitting, they can be kept out of fridge and best eaten at room temperature.

    Best to refrigerate over-night but might require other type of storage depending on cake decorations/design.

    Cakes with edible pictures or heavily decorated with fondant artwork are best kept in a cool, dark area outside the fridge.

    Please ask for advice if not clear.

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