Naked number cakes

Naked number cakes


Let the cake say it all by  using your birthday day number as your birthday cake.

Select how the digit you need the flavour. 


Naked number cakes do not have their sides iced so you can see the baked sponges and the buttercream between the layers. The cakes are decorated with macaroons, seasonal berries and fresh flowers. Colours of the decorations will be selected by our bakers depending on the cake colours you mention.



If you want a two (or three) digit cake please purchase each digit seperately.

Must give at least 5 days notice.


Select the cake number
Flavour of cake
Gold message or any other elements in gold
  • Dietary information

    All cakes contain: gluten/wheat, eggs, dairy, NUTS

  • Ingredients

    See ingredients for the flaour you select in that cakes main page. 

  • Storage information

    All our cakes are made fresh to order from scratch.

    Weather permitting, they can be kept out of fridge and best eaten at room temperature.

    Best to refrigerate over-night but might require other type of storage depending on cake decorations/design.

    Cakes with edible pictures or heavily decorated with fondant artwork are best kept in a cool, dark area outside the fridge.

    Please ask for advice if not clear

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