Strawberry frangipane tart

Strawberry frangipane tart


A buttery pastry dish with a layer of apricot jam, filled with the delicious almond frangipane paste. Strawberries are dipped into the frangipane mix and covered with a sprinkling of almond flakes.


This tart can be made using a variety of fruit. Select what type of tart you like from the list below.


Tart is about 10" wide with 10-12 portions.

Tart fruit
Cake topper
  • Dietary information

    Contains: wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts

  • Ingredients

    List of ingredients:
    Plain flour*, caster sugar, free range eggs*, almond flour*, almond extract, fresh strawberries, apricot jam.

  • Storage information

    Best eaten fresh on the day.

    Keep refrigerated and cling-filmed for up to 3 days.

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